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The Big Red Bike Company opened its doors in what was an old tile shop next to the Odeon Cinema in Harrogate in September 2010. The owner Andrew Richards recognised that there was a need for an independent bike shop that understood that not everyone who rode a bike wanted to wear Lycra and tear up the tarmac or become a muddy mountain warrior. After nearly seven years' trading the shop closed its doors in May 2017. It was a fun ride and may you all have many fun rides in the future. 
Cycling had enjoyed, and continues to enjoy, enormous growth amongst people who want to use a bike just ‘for getting around’ and they wanted bikes that were comfortable, uncomplicated, decent quality and actually looked good too. The image of the Big Red Bike is based on a traditional style of bike which has been around for generations but had become rarer with the advent of the ‘do it all’ beast which is the mountain bike. 
There is of course a good reason that the traditional style of bike had been around for such a long time and this was that its form had been perfected by the experience and use over many years by thousands if not millions of people who had ridden a bicycle every day as their sole means of transport for work or for leisure in the days before the car became King of the Road. The most comfortable riding position, particularly on shorter journeys, for most people, is sitting near to upright and nothing beats a ride on a proper bike with a nicely sprung saddle wearing everyday clothes, without aching back and wrists from leaning forwards over the handlebars. Just picture a Dutch person cycling through Amsterdam and you will quickly understand why a nation of such enthusiastic users of bicycles tend to prefer this style of bike for regular journeys. 
We love the traditional or heritage style of bicycle produced by Pashley in Stratford-upon-Avon, as well as the Gazelle from Holland. The fashionable Bobbin bicycles look stunning and ride superbly. We also recognise that some people want to go further which is hardly surprising in our beautiful county of Yorkshire and we are happy to help with the selection of bikes from our range of Ridgeback hybrid bikes. 
The growth of interest in bikes can only be sustained if the adults of tomorrow understand the joy as well as the value of learning to ride and use a bike and at Big Red Bike Company we are pleased to stock two ranges of superb lightweight bikes for children, as recommended by local bike training organisations, the Dawes Academy range and the Ridgeback Dimension range. 
Parents who ensure that their child learns to ride a bike are giving him or her a valuable life skill which can never be taken away and will provide endless hours of pleasure and fun if the right bike is provided to them.