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We stock a wide range of parts and accessories from inner tubes to wing mirrors, cycle lights and bells. 
We like to source and stock items which are maybe a little more unusual and in keeping with our rather more leisurely and fashionable style of bikes, we stock practical but also elegant bike specific luggage from BASIL and NEW LOOXS. Wicker baskets spill across our showroom floor and emphasise that we believe bicycles should have another purpose beyond simple riding pleasure and should be able to help us carry a load. 
We are stockists of the iconic English brand of BROOKS best known for its supremely comfortable and hard wearing leather saddles. If you see a photo of an intrepid adventurer with his bicycle loaded with panniers having just completed a round the world journey, you can be almost certain the bike carries a BROOKS saddle, so well tried and trusted are these saddles. BROOKS also produce some lovely leather grips and saddlebags. We also proudly stock another English hand-made brand CARRADICE who produce some lovely old school saddlebags from the small to the enormous, and also great quality, good looking panniers and handlebar bags, again with a tried and trusted pedigree. 
Cycle Helmets are loved by some and hated by many, but there is little doubt that if you come off your bike and land on your head then you will be better off wearing a helmet. We stock a large range of helmets from the lids for BMX and scooter riders to sleek road biking helmets. We carry a good selection of Children’s helmets so that the youngsters can get used to wearing a helmet as soon as they can ride. Our main brands of helmet are: 
We do try to seek out products that are a little unusual and we are also stockists of SAWAKO FURUNO helmets which have a retro appeal and are much favoured by our PASHLEY customers. 
One thing we don’t really sell is Lycra clothing. We stock a straightforward range of decent quality and sensibly priced cycle jackets for both men and women from MADISON. We prefer to stick with one type of jacket which we know and trust from personal experience and use and we then make sure we have these in your size in stock. The only choice is high-viz yellow or not. Simple. We stock a range of gloves for both winter and summer and, again, we seek to ensure a decent quality at a sensible price. 
The essentials of cycling are all covered. We sell mudguards, gel saddles, child seats, glasses, mileometers, chain oil, bottle holders, cycle trailers, brake blocks, tyres and bike racks for the car - in fact everything you need to keep you going.