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At Big Red Bike Co, we are passionate about bicycles and want everyone to share that passion at least to some degree. There can be no bigger milestone in life than experiencing the fun and freedom of riding a bicycle for the first time. 
What a wonderful gift from a parent to their child to teach them, or enable them to learn, to ride a bicycle. Learning and developing the skill of balance is recognised as important for the development of a child’s brain and it is an excellent way of building confidence as well as using up vast stocks of endless energy. 
Whilst not every child takes immediately to riding a bicycle, the majority find it easier if they have started out on a balance bike. We have trialled a number of these and have settled on the CRUZEE balance bike as our firm favourite. The bike is incredibly (and we mean incredibly) light but still sturdy and well built. At £99 it is not cheap but, because of its light weight, can realistically be used from about 18 months and, with the supplied additional longer seatpost, will easily last until the youngster is able to tackle a pedal bike. Its build quality ensures that it will still be around to pass on or re-sell when finished with. 
Bike manufacturers have recently spent a lot more time addressing the needs of the beginner rider and, as a consequence, they have recognised that a child finds it a lot easier to learn and indeed handle a much lighter bike. Not rocket science of course but, for many years, the needs of a child to be able to turn the pedals easily or reach for the brake levers which, once reached actually can be pulled on, were ignored. Money spent on the license to use the name of a Disney character could not be spent on decent quality (and lighter) tyres and components. Our main children’s bike brands have always produced decent bikes for children but have added some extra lightweight bikes to their ranges and we stock these in some depth. 

DAWES Academy 

All sizes from 14”to 26” wheel. Beautifully made machines. 

RIDGEBACK Dimension 

Sizes from 16” to 26”. Slightly larger frames on average than the Academy and slightly more keenly priced. 

CHARGE Mini Cooker 

Just two sizes 20” and 24” wheels. Super bikes with the iconic CHARGE label. Very popular with dads who already know and ride the adult version of the CHARGE Cooker. Lightweight and tough. 


Similar sizes to the CHARGE and carrying the badge of the famous SARACEN mountain bike. Lightweight and tough too! 


The MX series for boys and the Honey, Melody, Harmony and Destiny for girls. These are the evergreen kids’ bikes from RIDGEBACK, very popular over the years. Not as light as the RIDGEBACK Dimension or the DAWES Academy but by no means heavy bikes. 


A small range of slightly bigger bikes for older children and young teens. Lightweight and decent value. 
It is much easier and efficient if the child can come to the store to be accurately sized for their bicycle. One brand’s range can often suit the child better than another, even though the wheel size is the same, due to variations in geometry of the frame. A child’s bike does not last forever and is inevitably outgrown well before it is worn out. This is a fact of life. We do try to advise on the best compromise between sizing for growth and sizing to ride in safety and without difficulty.