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We have been at the forefront of the Stunt Scooter revolution in Harrogate since they first burst onto the scene in 2010. 
Initially little more than folding scooters like JD Bug ridden into inevitable oblivion by young teenagers doing jumps flips and ever more daring stunts, stunt scooters developed at great speed attracting younger and younger riders, with stronger and more colourful scooters being produced by companies in the USA, Australia and the UK. Purpose-built parks with ramps and grind rails sprang up everywhere including a skate park in our own Valley Gardens in Harrogate and what was initially just a craze quickly became a recognised sport with young heroes and champions becoming recognised round the globe. 
We are stockists of some of the best scooter brands and our long experience in the field enables us to give advice and carry out work on scooters from simple fitting of grips or replacement of wheels to bar shortening and headset service and renewal. We also sell grip tape, wheels, grips and stunt pegs as well as axles and wheel bearings. 
Our starter stunt scooter for the smaller rider is the GRIT Atom popular with six and seven year olds. Older beginners often start with a GRIT Fluxx scooter or a DOMINATOR Sniper which are tough scooters at around the £100 mark which allow for the fairly quick development of skills and activity which takes place in this sport. As skills develop the riders look for even better quality components and, like many sports, the equipment is often heavily brand orientated. Big names have developed such as MGP, GRIT, DISTRICT, CRISP and LUCKY and we are authorised dealers for all these brands. 
Click on the links below to view the brand websites. Our best sellers are: 
In addition to a range of complete scooters we also sell crash helmets. The BMX style ‘lid’ helmets are suitable for use with scooters as well as with bikes and many skate parks do insist that riders wear a helmet in order to ride there. We certainly recommend the use of a helmet and we also sell a range of knee and elbow pads to protect those extremeties. We do carry smaller sizes of helmets and pads as we recognise that this sport is very popular amongst very young riders. 
The three wheel Mini MICRO scooter and its big two wheel brother (or sister) the MICRO Sprite are tremendously popular amongst three to seven year olds and we stock a range of colours to suit everyone. We also stock MICRO helmets and MICRO bells. We know that even these robust little scooters can break and we carry replacement brakes and wheels for these too.